Participant's Agreement

It is the responsibility of the planner/photoshoot producer to ensure ALL participants have reviewed and agree to these terms in advance of the photoshoot taking place. The planner/producer will be asked to sign a release waiver ensuring that these rules and terms have been reviewed and agreed upon by any company listed on the credits.

WedLuxe Style File Contest

4. Video is welcome, but cannot be shared by the videographer or participating businesses until WedLuxe has published the contents of the photoshoot across its print, digital and social media channels. 

5. Participants are welcome to share images of the photoshoot via social media AFTER the images have been published by WedLuxe in print, online, and on @WedLuxe or @WedLuxeToronto social media accounts.

6. Participants agree to include "As seen in @wedluxe" in the copy of any social media posts or blog/online posts when images are shared to their social accounts or websites. Re-sharing and re-posting by other wedding media outlets is not allowed. 

7. Images cannot be used for advertisements in the issue in which the feature may appear. Future advertisement usage is allowed for WedLuxe usage, however permission must be granted by the photographer and the model or model's agency must give written permission to the advertiser.


1. Upon submission, WedLuxe retains exclusivity to the full contents of the photoshoot for print, online, and social media usage. Runner-up entries that are not printed remain exclusive to WedLuxe and cannot be submitted elsewhere for publishing unless WedLuxe has declined social/online usage.

2. The photoshoot must be submitted as a whole. No part of the photoshoot can be repurposed or submitted elsewhere for publishing, advertising, editorial purposes or contests. 

3. Participating businesses and models cannot share behind-the-scenes images of the photoshoot before or during the submission review process.   


Participants are not allowed to represent themselves as working for, or representing WedLuxe or its publishing company Cloud Nine Omnimedia Inc.

Participants are not allowed to guarantee publishing or charge suppliers to participate under any circumstance. 

All arrangements for location, rentals or merchandise loans (fashion, props, set dec, accessories, etc.) must be done independently and without any involvement from WedLuxe.

WedLuxe or its publishing company Cloud Nine Omnimedia Inc., is not responsible for any damages, liability or late fees that arise from any aspect of a photoshoot that is submitted as a contest entry.

Participants are solely responsible for costs that may arise as part of their submission.  

Liability & Costs

The event planner/producer is responsible for obtaining accurate credits and information from all participants to submit to WedLuxe Magazine at the time of entry.  

WedLuxe provides on-page supplier credit (Business name, Instagram account name) to any participating business shown in images that are published (if contest rules about eligibility and participation have been followed.) 

No participant is guaranteed to be featured. WedLuxe reserves the right to omit any part of the feature and is not responsible for errors or omissions in contest credits.


Non-member businesses are allowed a MAXIMUM OF ONE CONTEST ENTRY.  (It is up to the planner/producer to confirm that rule with EVERY non-member in advance of the shoot so there is zero confusion later on.)   
The entry must relate to the theme of the issue.  
All models are required to complete our MODEL RELEASE WAIVER.    

a. Contest entries must feature a minimum of (4) ELIGIBLE WEDLUXE MEMBERS with accounts in good standing at the time of submission. 

b. One of these statements must be accurate:
- or - 
PLANNER and FLORIST are both ELIGIBLE WEDLUXE MEMBERS. In this instance, the PHOTOGRAPHER must be new to WedLuxe and not have been featured in previous issues.